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Hayotzer Vineyard – the first registered vineyard in Israel.

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Hayotzer is a family vineyard, based on quality and the belief that the wine is the result of a creative art and represents the person who created it and the place where the fruit grew. This extraordinary journey is a unique partnership between one of Israel's most experienced winegrowers, Frenchman Philippe Lichtenstein, and Israel's oldest family of winemakers.

The vineyard was established in 1847 in the Old City of Jerusalem. It was the first registered vineyard in Israel. Nowadays, after eight generations, it is the oldest and largest family vineyard.

The family's ambition for quality and Philippe Lichtenstein's extraordinary talent work in harmony to produce wines of high quality, style and value.

vineyards Hayotzer they have the best regions to grow and cultivate quality grapes such as Upper Galilee, Lower Galilee and the Kingdom of Judea. Jesus also walked on these lands 2000 years ago.

Hayotzer wines they are produced in the French "old world" style, with quality fruit, but with elegance and balance, without an exaggerated level of alcohol and without unnecessary influences that could alter the pure taste of the fruit as it is.

Details: www.hayotzerwine.co.il